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Poetry by @Jennxia | Set of 2 cards to Give and Keep

Poetry by @Jennxia | Set of 2 cards to Give and Keep

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Set of 2

A beautiful poem by @jennxia, our first poet to be featured. A journalist/writer who attends the University of Texas at Austin.

“Close Your Eyes With Me” is a poem about the beauty that comes from the people in our life that hold space for us to be vulnerable and whole. When I was younger, I didn’t know how to hold pain without permanence. I made myself into a broken thing. As I’ve grown to see my worth and the joy of my own company outside of any external validation, I also carry a greater hope for what it means to constantly be reimagining a kinder, more loving world where we all walk with ease safety and peace.


Set of 2 cards with 1 stamp. One to give. One to Keep.

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